Hello all. I know I’m doing something wrong with my compile for kindle. I DON’T want a table of contents. It’s a fiction book. How do I tell the compiler not to add a TOC?

File -> Compile -> Layout. Uncheck the box to “Generate HTML table of contents.”

Note that ebooks will also usually include a navigation “menu.” That’s created by the reader software and outside of Scrivener’s control.


So, really, the navigation menu isn’t a bad thing after all, even if it only lists Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three, etc? Guess if people want to bypass it, it’s as easy as clicking to the next page. But, I will try unblocking that button like you’d suggested and see if that’ll get rid of it.
Thanks for your kind response.

Typically, an ebook will have both a navigation menu and an HTML Table of Contents. Scrivener controls (and can remove) the second, but the ebook software controls the first.

In my experience, it’s not at all unusual for fiction books to have Tables of Contents, unnecessary though they may be.