I’m wondering if Scrivener 3 can now create full fledged ToCs (as known from Word Processors)?


It can do the same as Scrivener 2 in this regard - using the"<$p> tag linked to a document will cause the tag to be replaced with the page number of that tag. Edit > Copy Special > Copy Documents as ToC does this for you.

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That’s a no then…

late thanks for your reply, which I missed when you posted

It should be noted however that with Scrivener’s new support for stylesheets, and thus the ability to tag the heading structure of your compiled document with Heading 1, 2, 3… styles, it is now very easy to insert a dynamic ToC in a word processor, since that structure is what most use to generate the ToC.

As for the insertion of that construct itself—they all do it differently I think, so it’s probably best to leave that one-click action to the word processor.