I’m new to the program and haven’t dug very deep into it yet, but someone asked me this, and I’m curious myself.

Say I write a separate page in Scrivener for each chapter, then I want to export it to Word. (or even iWork’s Pages app.)

Can Scrivener generate a Table of Contents automatically, including links to each of the pages? So if you were to generate a PDF file from it, then the TOC would not require any extra work.

If not, how about adding that to the “Wish List”?


Seems to me, that the Binder is nothing else than a live Table Of Contents.
As for the final, to be published TOC, I suggest leaving its generation to the wordprocessor (or publishing app) that you will use for printing.


I think if you search on “table of contents” you will find KB’s official answer, but a paraphrased version is: since scrivener does not know about a “page” it can’t generate a table of contents.

That said, the multi-markdown options offer the ability to make a TOC, and just about any WP (like word and pages) can be used to generate a TOC in post.


As the others say, no, Scrivener can’t generate a table of contents. That’s not what Scrivener is for - Scrivener is for the first draft stage. You should generate your table of contents in a word processor after you have exported your work from Scrivener.

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All the same, it would be tremendously helpful.

2.0? I’m sure you don’t have enough on your plate with the other features you need to implement and a newborn, right? :smiley: