Today I discovered Backups and Snapshots...

FABULOUS. Especially the versioning with snapshots, I’ve been going about it quite crudely, manually creating duplicates and dragging them all over the place. Now I know I don’t have to. Another feature I love. :slight_smile:

Great! Quick tip with the snapshots, they’re per document (so if you’re in the editor and take a snapshot, it only takes a snapshot of that single document) but you can select multiple documents in the binder and–with the focus still in the binder–select the snapshot option to take a snapshot of each of the selected items at once. Handy if you’re about to start on a round of edits for a set of documents, so you can just get the snapshot out of the way before starting.

That I didn’t realise! Excellent! :smiley:

Yup, thanks for the tip MM. I’ll file that one away.