Today I tried Storyist...

Post rescinded by author… due to prejudgment.

I also took another look at Storyist today. Mostly because whilst looking for a particular writing tool (which I’ve posted a request for suggestions on a separate post) I came across many sites and blogs talking about the range of writing tools available. I came across a number of people saying they thought Storyist was much better than Scrivener. Some even switched from using Scriv for many years, over to now using Storyist. I was curious.

Well, like you… It don’t make a’lot a sense to me. From my perspective Scrivener runs circles around Storyist. I am sure Storyist will suit many folk and their particular workflow, but there are so many excellent features packed into Scriv. that all the other writing apps I’ve looked at (which is all of them, as far as I know) Scriv. is tops. Well, that’s my two cents worth.