Together 2.0


Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with Together? I have downloaded it but have not yet had much of a chance to use it.

I’m currently evaluating EagleFiler and DevonThink Pro as well.

I will look at it but have never used it.

Being a bit ADHD, I have spend most of my life searching for something that will help me to get organized. A place to get my “stuffâ€

I’m just trying it out and really enjoying it - to the point that I think it’s time to move all my research from DTP into this. It’s a very elegant UI, feels pretty fast (so far) - and most importantly uses a system folder structure for its storage.

To be honest, I’m not sure if the amount I like Together is more of an index with the problems I’ve been having trying to understand / appreciate / work with DTP. I know this has been a thread which has been running on here already, so I won’t splinter off:)

Together, combined with the pfd mark-up of preview (or skim if you want something non-destructive to the source file) is ideal. There are a few tweaks which would really improve it, but it’s looking like the data-dump of choice for me.

Until DTP v2 of course…

I tried it back when it was KIP (=Keep It Together), but ended up using a combo of DevonThinkPro Office and Yojimbo (for me, they handle different kinds of things).

Fwiw, there was a quick review on the TUAW blog for 2.0.4, including mentioning that they’ve opened up a forum. I always find that a good sign.