Toggle Automatic Saving

I’d like to see a way to toggle the automatic saving. I’m so in the habit of frequent saving (from years of word) that I’m used to being able to make half-assed changes without saving…knowing that I can always easily revert by closing without saving. And I won’t always have the foresight to do a snapshot. And I just HATE having to do tons of “undo” moves to revert.

There is no way to turn off automatic saving. You could set the interval to something exceptionally high. This would return the initiative of saving to you, while working on the project. However, it will still save the project whenever you close it. If you want to save true milestones of the project, you should use the Backup To… feature in the File menu. Just think of it as saving. The advantage is that you get a serial list of saved projects to choose from if you ever need to revert, rather than just whatever happened to be last.

You could also remap the snapshot feature to ⌘-S (assuming you trained yourself to press that).

The hardest part is to train yourself to actually press the keys for saving. It is fairly easy to train yourself to use different keys in a certain program…

Just a suggestion.


I’m afraid that auto-save is so built into the basic mechanics of Scrivener that this could not be an option, not without a total rewrite. Most users actually like the auto-save feature, but of course I understand that everyone is different and that it will not suit all… But there’s no changing it. :slight_smile:
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I’m coming across more and more programs that do not have a manual save option. EverNote springs to mind. I think its just the way things are going, and I do think it’s a step forward.

Now I use an IDE called IntelliJ which also handles all the saving internally (it has to - it has a refactoring engine that is so clever, it will probably launch a nuclear attack on mankind then send attractive young robots back in time to make sure it actually happens).

What IntelliJ does, is take a snapshot of each file at regular intervals.

I dunno, perhaps Scrivener could do some sort of auto snapshot. If it is a big problem for folk, then I would rather see something like that, than a manual saving thing; I’m rather attached to the way of working where I don’t have to worry about saving stuff.