Toggle between Annotation Colors

I use three different colors for annotations, for three different kinds of annotations. The annotation color defaults to the last used color, so I constantly need to select the annotation and then right click to change the color. (Right-clicking on the annotation–without selecting it first–often just changes one word in the annotation rather than the full annotation.) This slows me down considerably.

Is there a quicker way to apply different annotation colors? Perhaps three different annotation buttons in the toolbar, each annotating in a different color?

Do you use the functionality of annotations at compile, or is it just for a visual in the editor ?

If it is only for a visual in the editor, you could use three character attributes styles with each their background color and shortcut.
(But of course that comes at a price comes compile. It might cause little issues, or force you into manipulations you otherwise wouldn’t have to worry about.)

Again, should you not need it to compile the way annotations do, if you don’t already use comments, or footnotes, these can be easily colored.

And then there is plain old highlight.
. . . . . . . .

One thing though : if you don’t gamble the color, if it works like it does in the Windows version, the text segment is still selected after turning it into an annotation, so why not pick your color then. Even if you end up picking the color it already is (though you can’t yet see it), it’ll work ; the annotation won’t be black.

Else, I am pretty sure you could automate the creation of the annotation for all three colors using Keyboard Maestro (?)


I only use the annotations as a visual in the editor, and I omit all annotations when I compile. I am experimenting with styles using a keyboard shortcut, and it is much quicker! I have not had any problems compiling so far. Thank you for your help.

(I will also have to look into what functionality annotations have with compile, as I’ve not done anything like that.)

Thank you!

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