Toggle between Normal & Small Toolbar?

I really don’t feel worthy to post anything here, especially since I haven’t registered yet. (Next customer payment, really! Just a few weeks!)

Being that a 12" iBook is my writing machine, screen space is at a premium. Just thinking that having the ability to reduce the size of the toolbar with some smaller icons, would be nice for freeing up some vertical screen space. Not a big issue, really. Just a suggestion.

(Me humbly backs away from the almighty Scrivener Lord!)

Option-Cmd-t will toggle the toolbar display on and off.

Ah, thanks. I guess I just need to learn the shortcuts for the toolbar icons then. But that helps a lot.

I’m assuming that you do know that you can reduce the size of toolbar icons by going to View, Customize toolbar, and selecting ‘Use Small Size.’? There is a pop-up menu that lets you change the toolbar visuals as well.

You probably know this already, but just wanted to be sure!

That is true, but unfortunately (at least for me) it does not actually reduce the size of the toolbar itself, kind of making it pointless if you trying to save space.

Anyway, I highly recommend try hiding it entirely and getting used to the keyboard. It is something that not everyone’s brain can wrap around because we all think differently, but if you do find yourself compatible, it saves a lot of time and effort – especially on a laptop where mouse equipment is often sub-optimal. Scrivener has excellent keyboard support. There are very few occasions when I find myself needing the mouse. Meta-data is the biggest area; but that isn’t something I mess with much while actually writing, so it is okay.

Ah, yes, I see. It just makes room for more icons to be visible. Quite right.