Toggle Between Panes in Split View

I’m not sure if there’s a way to do this that I haven’t found yet, but the one thing keeping split pane view from being completely effective for me is the ability to toggle focus between panes with some key combo. For example, hitting alt+tab could do this.

One of my main uses of split pane is to play a sound file in one and transcribe it in the other. If I want to pause the sound, though, I have to manually click the top pane then hit space. If my suggestion were implemented, I could quickly type alt+tab, space and it would have the same effect.

Let me know what you think, thanks.

You can navigate between a majority of the elements in the Project window, not just splits! The keyboard shortcuts are Cmd-Opt-Shift-J/I/K/L, which correspond to what you would imagine they would if they were a set of arrow keys: Left/Up/Down/Right.

Thanks for the info! Not the most natural key-combination but it satisfies me.

This has been bugging me since I first saw the question. I knew I’d seen discussion of a feature to aid transcriptions that let you play/pause media files without changing focus to the other pane, but as I haven’t needed that feature I completely forgot the key combo.

It’s in the tutorial, step 8 (splits) - the play/pause command for a media file in the other split, without moving your cursor out from where you’re typing, is cmd-enter.

The unnatural key-combination follows the standard gamer’s WSAD for up-down-left-right layout (but those keys were already in use). There are so many keyboard shortcuts it is difficult to find nice ones. :slight_smile:

However, as Janra says, for your uses you do not need to toggle between the splits. Take a look in the View > QuickTime menu, and you will see that there are keyboard shortcuts dedicated to controlling a QuickTime file. These keyboard shortcuts and commands operate on the first QT file found - if it is the current editor, they will operate on that; if the QT file is in the other editor in the split, they operate on that. Thus you can transcribe without your hands having to leave the keyboard.

All the best,

Even better! Thanks.

Okay, I’m being greedy, but it would be nice to have a dedicated keyboard shortcut to toggle between two halves of a split window. This would a true toggle in that it would switch focus to the other half regardless of which one is currently active.