Toggle between Project and Document Notes

It’d be nice to have a way to toggle back and forth between Project and Document Notes within the Inspector pane. I realize that with the beta there is now a way to get Project Notes to pop up into a separate window, but doing that pops them up right in front of the Editor, obscuring my view. A quick keystroke that flips back and forth between the two notes (or between different Project Notes while we’re at it) would be very handy.

Come to think of it, a shortcut command to toggle through the different Inspector panes would be nice, as well.

Yes, we would like to have keyboard shortcuts for toggling between project and document notes (and now that you can have more than one project notepad, between all of those, too).

The separate window is more there for managing the custom tabs, and some people do like to have things in extra windows anyway so, it’s a handy interface to have around when you need it—but I personally do agree that for everyday usage of project notes, the sidebar approach is far more convenient and low-key.

Yup, that’s on the list as well. Our main problem is having so many useful functions and only so many combinations of keys and modifiers. :slight_smile:

I think Lee puts his head in his hands and cries every time I point out another feature that needs a default shortcut. :slight_smile:

Can’t the coders just make everything “shortcuttable?” Then each user can decide which task is more important to them and choose their own shortcuts.

They are in fact working on it; if you’ve installed the latest beta, you’ll find there are a number of additional options available in the Keyboard tab of Options for user-assigned shortcuts that don’t have default shortcuts. With the inspector elements, those need to be added entirely still to make them controllable with a shortcut–you’ll notice there aren’t menu items for focussing in the various areas yet either. Once those are added, then it will also be possible to assign shortcuts to them.

Cool, can’t wait for the new features to be added!

For some of us creakier types, menu keys are the shortcuts. Mnemonics ease the cognitive overload. Another key to press, but so many fewer to remember.

I notice the sequence View > Show is available. Then, let’s see, Synopsis, Meta-Data, Doc Notes, Project Notes, Doc References, Project References, Keywords, Snapshots, Footnotes. S-M-D-J-R-P-K-T-F or thereabouts would be quite satisfactory, leaving combo keys to the user, or perhaps deriving them from the menu sequences.

Rgds – Jerome