Toggle Binder/Info on & off?

I have searched, but have been unable to stumble on the right combinations of words, just as I somehow have forgetten the keyboard shortcuts which toggle the Binder & Info windows open and close.

Help, please!

I know it’s Shift B or I, but the other key eludes me (tried all the combinations I could think of) … my own fault for not writing it down!

Cmd-Opt-B and I. :slight_smile:

One can of course find shortcuts listed in the menus, but is there anywhere a collection of all shortcuts in one place ?


Thanks, Amber!

I was wrong, shift wasn’t part of it…

And while I’m at it, a big thank you to the person who posted keyboard Cocoa text shortcuts… which I also cannot find… but here’s something with the info on it: … ion_3.html

CTRL-K deletes from the cursor to the end of the paragraph. That’s the one I’m trying to learn this week.

The FAQ has an advanced answer regarding now to set up new keyboard shortcuts for text editing, and in that entry there is a link to all of the built-in shortcuts.

There is no list of all of Scrivener’s shortcuts. Some of those will be changing with the next version anyway.

Wanted to say, for future reference, that the shortcuts I was looking for were in the menus, under “View” and the Submenu under “Layout.”

This explains why I couldn’t find them before, since they were under a submenu.