toggle collection shortcut inoperative when toolbar hidden

Can anyone tell me if the shortcut to toggle the collections pane (i think default is control shift 9) usually operates when the main toolbar is hidden? Doesn’t work for me, but I’ve recently been experiencing some shortcut conflicts with another piece of software, and am not sure whether that might somehow be to blame.


It should work with the main toolbar hidden, yes. Does it work for you when the toolbar is visible?

Thanks for your reply. Yep, works normally when the toolbar is visible.

I get the same behaviour on my laptop - but many of the same other programs are installed, so can’t rule out a conflict. Can anyone confirm whether they are able to toggle the collection pane while the toolbar is hidden?

Tested this some more and there does seem to be a bug. It should work after you’ve opened the View > Collections menu once during the session. I’ve filed a bug report for it.

Thanks for looking into it.

To clarify, because I keep saying “it should do x” and I realise that may be confusing, I’m finding that the shortcut does work properly, even with the main toolbar hidden, after I have once opened the View > Collections menu during the session. So the workaround for now is just to pop that open with the mouse or keyboard once when you first open Scrivener; the shortcut ought to be working all right after that.