Toggle Comments - Visible Invisible

Especially in my early drafts I have to make a lot of notes as I write. I need to keep track of locations that I need to double check, technical terms and names and descriptions I need to check etc etc …
But I find it very distracting to write when the page is littered with yellow highlights.

Could we have a toggle button to make all highlights/comments invisible ? to give us a clear view of just the text ?

I hope others agree …

Such a view would have to be read-only really, because hiding editable components in an editable field is just asking for lots of accidental data loss, and if it is going to be read-only, it might as well be a PDF that you’ve compiled (which will strip all of these markings out by default), a PDF that can be dropped into the Binder as a reference and viewed in a split view alongside the version you make edits on.

Or, you can do like I do and use the Edit/Copy Special/Copy without Comments and Footnotes and paste either into a new document, or if you no longer need the comments paste right over itself after having taken a snapshot to archive your old notes.

Can’t speak for the Mac, but in the Windows version you can address this by setting a background color for footnotes that matches your editor’s own background color. Then run “Convert Inspector Comments to Inspector Footnotes” to obscure all those taglets while you’re writing, and the reverse to restore them to prominence.

It’s the same on the Mac, you can set the footnote background colour to white—but in this case they are using comments, which do not have a universal colour setting and instead can be individually set to various colours. In that vein I suppose you could load everything into Scrivenings, select all of the comments, right-click on them and set their comment background colour to white. That’s a bit of a chore, but it will greatly diminish the visual intensity of the highlight in the main editor. You don’t want to try this technique of individual comment colours are important to you, naturally. I use colours extensively to signify different note types, so setting them all to white would be as much of a disaster as deleting them all.

(Sorry, unfortunately modifying note colours across documents in Scrivenings doesn’t work yet in Windows. We tried, but the current system just doesn’t see Scrivenings as multiple files in a single editor yet, but rather what amounts to a big stack of editors with divider lines between them.)

Indeed, thus the suggestion that the user try the “Convert Inspector Comments to Inspector Footnotes” to mask comments that are distracting. They’ll revert to prior comment colors when converted back.

Sorry, I missed that component. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestions guys … all very complex if you don’t mind me saying :frowning: It’s a pity because I am sure I cannot be alone ins finding this a problem. And I do understand that sometimes there are tech reason why someone that seems simple can be complex to achieve.

But I guess for now I will have to try to overcome … :unamused:

Look out for Format > Options > Hide Markup in the next update. :wink:

Have you tried using Composition mode with the text colour override option on? (You can set this in the Compose section of Preferences.) The fill colours of the comments won’t be visible in the text, so you’ll just see the box around the anchor text in the same colour as the text itself, which is much less distracting.