Toggle In-line annotations on and off?


Is there a way to turn in-line annotations on and off? While I am writing, it would be nice not to see them. The closest I have come to this is by converting the in-line annotations to comments instead, but I wonder if there is another way.

Thank you.

I would say inline annotations are not the best tool to use if you don’t always want to see them, particularly if you aren’t wanting to see them while drafting. Comments are much easier to hide. Now you can compile the draft without comments or annotations easily, but that doesn’t help with drafting. “Toggling” annotations on/off would be removing/re-adding them to the draft, which isn’t a feature that’s available.

Collapsible annotations were a part of the original design concept, back in 2005 or so. Unfortunately Apple’s text engine, at least in the capacity we use it, does not have the ability to dynamically hide text in that fashion, so that part of the design was dropped. It hopelessly damages the Undo buffer and makes other messes, as I recall (it’s been a long time). So that idea never could come to fruition.

Maybe some day, once their update to the text engine is more stable and fleshed out.