Toggle Inconsistent for Fixed Row Height in Outline View

In Outline View, the toggle for “Fixed Row Height” is sometimes greyed out inappropriately. This occurs with fixed row height previously enabled or not. That is, with it off, I can’t (sometimes) turn it on. And with it on (somehow?), I later cannot turn it off.
Here’s a screen capture where I have it previously turned on as evidenced by the … in the Title and Synopsis column. I’m attempting to turn it off but, in the View → Outliner Options, the toggle is greyed out.
FYI: I bumped into this issue while struggling to turn ON this option but, after several minutes of fiddling, could not figure out a way to make it consistently fail/succeed. Sometimes the option is available, sometimes it is greyed out. (I consulted the reference manual but could not discover under what conditions it should/should-not be available.)
FYI: Closing and then re-opening the project in question may be a factor.
Regardless, love the product. Best regards!
(Using Scrivener 3.2.2 (14632) on MacBook Pro MacOS BigSur 11.1)

[attachment=0]Screen Shot 2021-01-17 at 3.54.04 PM.jpg[/attachment]

Try clicking on one row in the outliner and then trying to change this option. Does that help?

Yes, but the selection (click) must be done in the main editor (outline view), not in the Binder.
This is a fine point and I suspect others will walk into this same trap.
[Personally, I think the Use Fixed Row Height option should be available after clicking any Manuscript item (or Manuscript itself) in the Binder, or one of the folders or text files in the main editor (outline view).]
Regardless, I can now turn it on and off as I want.
Thank you!

I don’t find it inconsistent; it’s been true for MacOS for a long time that an an object must have the focus in order for a command to affect it.

Nonetheless, I’m glad you’ve got it working now!