toggle return key in the binder?

I see an option in the preferences to have the return key always create new items in the binder as siblings. But is there a toggle that enables me to to create a sibling of the next higher level? That is,

Section 1
Para3 [toggle here]
Section 2 [toggle back to make a child]


There are no toggles for that, but you can make an item an aunt by hitting Ctrl-Cmd-LeftArrow after you create it, or since you have the siblings option on, use LeftArrow to select the container before creating it, this will create the new item as a sibling to Section 1, not Para3. That trick won’t work if you have “Always create new items as siblings” turned off though, you’ll need to use the first trick in that case.

You can create new folders with (I think) CMD-Alt-N, and you can move it left or right with CMD-arrow left or arrow right. I’m not sure how other kinds of documents in the Document Templates folder (if you have one set up) affect the keyboard short-cut.

You also might be able to change the above shortcut to some combination of keys + RETURN using the System Preferences -> Keyboard settings.

Got it! Thanks for your help.