Toggle Split Question..

When I use toggle split, changes are made instantly in both splits.
I guess this is wrong, eh?
One of the windows should remain with the old document, and the other with the new writings?
Or am I missing out of something…

I have 2.0.5.

Nope, splitting means you just have the same document in two panes. Works the same as it does in Word, for instance.

The quickest way to achieve what you’re after would be to duplicate the document, then have the duplicate open in one pane, and the original in the other, to keep track of your changes. Then delete the dup when you’re done.

Personally I use the split-pane for, say, summarising one document in another. I can look at both at the same time.

Ok. Your description of workflow gave me a good insight to how to use it. It would be great tough if it was possibel to implement what I´m asking for in a smoother way. can def. see how that would be beneficial…
Thanks for the insight!

The way I’d do this, if I’m understanding correctly, is to take a snapshot of the document (Cmd-5), then load the snapshot into the second split while continuing work on the first one. You can do that by opening the inspector and clicking the snapshot tab at the bottom (with the old-school camera icon) and then selecting the correct snapshot from the list in the top part of the pane and dragging it to the second editor’s header. That’s a static, read-only image and you can have it open then as you continue to work in the document in the other split.

The advantages to me of this over duplicating the document are several. First, you don’t add clutter to your binder, and you can keep the snapshot as a history of the document in case you want to come back to it later. It’s directly associated with the document and has a date and optional title, so you don’t get confused about what it relates to or when it dates from, and it’s read-only so you won’t accidentally change it. You can also use the “compare” feature to have Scrivener mark changes from that snapshot to your current version (or another snapshot of the document), so later in the process if you want to see what alterations you made it’s just a click of a button rather than you having to scan two different documents line by line.

You can use the “compare” feature in the editor also, by holding the Option key when you drag the snapshot title to the editor header. (The compare feature isn’t be dynamic, though–ie you can’t drag it into the editor this way and have it mark changes as you make them in a separate split. It will show you the changes that exist at the point when you hit the “compare” button or perform the Opt-drag, so if you update the document you’ll need to click the button or Opt-drag again to see the changes marked in the snapshot.)

Just what I was looking for… now I can let my mind go.