Toggle switch between keyboard layouts, fonts and rulers

Is it possible to toggle switch automatically between different keyboard layout & fonts?
I write in roman alphabet and in Greek, sometimes I must transliterate semitic languages, also, so I am obliged to change frequently fonts and keyboard layouts. E. g., I use Courier for my drafts, but if I must write something in Polytonic Greek I must switch to another font and, obviously, to another keyboard layout.
If I change keyboard layout only, the system select Lucida Grande, which has Greek characters set, but after this, if I change keyboard layout again, the active font is Lucida Grande, not Courier. This is very annoying, indeed.
I have the same need about rulers: I frequently use in my draft ‘blockquotes’, with indent and line spacing different from the normal text. Is it possible to name these styles and recall them automatically, without the boring ruler at the top of the page?

Thank you very much

You can in fact set ruler favourites. You’ll want to place your cursor in the block-quote, and then select from the Styles drop-down on the Ruler, “Other…” Click the “Add to Favorites” button, give it a name and specify the options.

You’ll note you can also assign font settings to styles as well. You might find it easier to put your favourite font selection in this menu than use the Font palette for switching back and forth. I don’t know of anything that will automatically change the font based on keyboard layout (besides OS X’s automatic switch to a Unicode capable font), but there are several others here who do a lot of multi-lingual work and might have some tips regarding that.

Thank you AmberV,
as far as the multilingual is concerned, both Nisus and Mellel approach the matter in different ways, but effectively. With Nisus you can associate a particular font and keyboard layout with a language, with Mellel you can associate a different (secondary) font with a particular keyboard layout: switching keyboard layout changes the font, also.
I wondered if similar tricks are present in Scrivener.

Thank you again