Toggling Collections Icon

If the binder is off, enabling the ‘collections’ icon should turn on the binder view and show the collections.

This is not the current behavior as I go through the tutorial

Thanks :slight_smile:

Scrivener 1.9.0 on Windows 10

What do you feel should happen if the sidebar is closed and tabs are, in the background, already shown? The literal reaction to clicking the button that toggles tabs is to hide them, but the sidebar is hidden. Would the button just appear to do nothing once, hiding the tabs in the background, and then open the sidebar on the second click when the action is to show the tabs?


I don’t understand this:

" if the sidebar is closed and tabs are, in the background, already shown? "

as the tabs are only visible in the binder. if the binder is turned off, how can the tabs be shown?

There are two possibilities:
a) hiding the binder panel disables/grays out any icons that modify the behavior of the binder until the binder is re-enabled by the user


b) if the binder panel is hidden, any icon that modifies the behavior of the binder will show the binder panel again and change the binder panel state to that set by the icon.

this should also apply to menu items, or hot keys that modify the binder panel view.

I meant in a latent (background) sense, that if you were to at that point toggle the Binder on, you would see the collection tabs—that setting is in your project even if you can’t see the effect of it, which is where I felt this got awkward, because the action for clicking the Collections button when the tabs are enabled as a project setting is to disable that setting so that tabs will not show—but that would be a strange thing to reveal the sidebar for.

I’m not following the purpose of this action though, to me as there isn’t much reason to want to do that. Why would you want to hide the collection tabs if the Binder isn’t even displayed? They are kind of irrelevant at that point.

I think what might make more sense is to make it so that the logic on the Collections button only has one outcome when the Binder is hidden: it shows the sidebar with tabs, regardless of whether tabs were shown before the sidebar was hidden. That feels more intuitive in regards to the fact that the user clicked a button called “Collections”, while the Binder was closed. Given that there is very little reason to hide them while the whole sidebar is hidden, chances are far greater they want to see the tabs when they click the button.

I’m still not sure about that, but I think it’s close enough to write down some notes so that we can look at it in the future.