Toggling comment highlight

I am trialling the software now and have a question about the highlight box placed around the anchor text of a comment. It shows as a pale yellow box, which is fine. When I’m reading for flow, I’d like the view to change so that the yellow comment boxes disappear, as I find them disruptive.

I hoped that the “Toggle Highlighting” button in the task bar at the top would take care of this, but it doesn’t. As a test, I highlighted some text in yellow and tried the toggle button, but no effect.

So question 1: is there a way to turn off the view of the comment highlight boxes?

Question 2: what is the function of the “Toggle Highlighting” button? Is mine broken or is there something I’m missing?

I’m running Scrivener 2.6 on a Mac with Mavericks 10.9.5

Thanks for any help on this.


Toggling highlights toggles text highlighting - that is, a coloured background to the text, the same as when you take a highlighter pen to highlight what you’ve written.

There’s no way to turn off the comment highlight boxes, I’m afraid, although a “Hide all markup” command that would do this is on my list for a future version (but it will be a little while before it makes it into a release, sorry).

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Pity about the view of comment boxes. Comments are a useful feature but they’re really obtrusive when proofing. iWork Pages has this On/Off view function for comments and I really like it. Maybe in a future version of Scrivener there will be options to turn off highlighting and comment boxes.

I understand the function of the Toggle Highlighting button now. The word ‘toggle’ confused me, especially because pressing the button has no apparent effect until the selected text is unselected. That’s an easy interface improvement to make. I would also suggest taking out the word “toggle” as it made me think of toggling the view of highlights on and off through the document.

It’s not as though we call the button to make text bold the “Bolding Toggle,” right?

Thanks for letting me know where things stand. I’ll continue exploring.

As I said, a feature such as Pages’ ability to hide these things will be coming, but it’s a little down the list so won’t be for a while (you are only the second person to ask for it, in fact : ) ).

As for “Toggle Highlight”, where are you even seeing that? It’s just called “Highlight Text” in all the menus. The only place it says “Toggle highlighting” is in the tool tip of the format bar highlight box, and I think it makes sense there - “toggle” has always meant to turn something on or off, which is what it does.

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Thanks for the note about turning off comments being somewhere deep in the development hopper, anyway. I haven’t done any compiling yet, but I can probably figure out a way to compile into a PDF so I can do my proofing without seeing the annoying comment boxes.

You’re right that that “Toggle Highlighting” is only in the task bar. The menus are pretty dense and I haven’t explored them much. ‘Toggle’ implies binary to me, whereas there can be many highlight colors. I think saying “Add or Delete Highlighting,” or even just “Highlight Text” might have saved me five minutes of head scratching over the function of the button (since it appears to do nothing when you highlight text and then click the button, so toggling the view on/off was my next guess). Just consider this as user feedback, n=1. But I’ve got it now, and thanks for the clarifications!

I’m really liking some of the features and learning as I go.