Toggling keyboard focus


To add a new text document to an existing folder, I generally click on the folder and hit ‘Enter’.

This causes a new text document to show up in the current folder and allows me to type the title.

THEN – I’d like to, without taking my hands off the keyboard, move keyboard focus over to the actual editor window and being typing content. How do I do that? I can I move focus from the Binder to the actual editor via the keyboard?

EXTRA CREDIT – how can I move the focus back again to the binder? Basically, I don’t want to have to keep reaching for my mouse when I’m in a flow. I can easily add a document and then keep typing and want to be able to do that from the keyboard - without changing position or my weight distribution.


Love the product. In this case, using it for simple note taking … fast and light.

Ctr+Tab to move focus to the Editor.

Ctr+Alt+Cmd+B to move focus to the Binder.

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Credit to xiamenese…

You can do a lot of this kind of stuff directly in the text editor itself, too, rather than alternating between Binder and editor. I often do not use the Binder while I’m writing + outlining, because I may not be where I started at all, or maybe I have used the Binder to go and do other things with the second editor split, or I just even have the Binder closed to keep the window clean and maximise space on the MBA 11". So long as you are writing and outlining in roughly the same area, you can hit Ctrl-Cmd-R to navigate the editor view “up” in the hierarchy, causing the corkboard or outliner view to appear in most cases. Opt-Cmd-O can be used to load an item from these group views into the editor, and is thus a way of navigating “down” in the hierarchy.

Another thing I find myself doing quite a bit of is alternating between Scrivenings mode (Cmd-1) and Outliner (Cmd-3). Since these are merely two different ways of working with the same group of documents, you can use it as a form of navigable table of contents (select the section you want to jump to and hit Cmd–1 to go back to Scrivenings with your cursor in that section) or as a way to outline for a bit, and then return to where you were with the “Back” button, (Cmd-[) instead of using Cmd–1 to jump to where you were outlining.

Thank you! Just what I was looking for.