toggling shortcut for invisibles on/off (or anything else)

Using keyboard prefs you CAN create a toggle shortcut. It may not work for everything (haven’t tested throughly) but it works for many commands. Attached is an image of how I set up toggling Show Invisibles and Hide Invisibles. Note that while I’m using the exact same keyboard shortcut, I need to create 2 different formal shortcuts. Works nicely.
scrivener shortcuts.png

Did you mean to post this to the tips & tricks board? This seems to be a self-contained post rather than a technical support enquiry. :slight_smile: Let me know and I’ll move it.

Sorry: I meant this as a carry forward for a previous thread that had been closed. I was really addressing that person’s concern. Didn’t know the best way to do it since the thread was closed.

Here’s the one I’m talking about:

The issue had to do with keyboard commands for toggling on/off invisibles. One poster claimed you couldn’t do “toggling” with keyboard shortcuts.