Toggling titles when viewing multiple chapters


I’ve run into an issue over the last few days trying to compile ebooks with scrivener. I suspect I know what the problem is just not how to fix it, so I’ll ask about that first (and then explain why this is causing problems).

In one project when I select multiple chapters from the binder, the chapter title is displayed on a grey background at the top of each chapter, in the other project the chapter title is not displayed. Is these a setting somewhere to toggle this?

The problem (I believe) this is causing is how chapter and front matter titles are handled when I compile ebooks. I usually turn titles off for front matter i.e., the copyright page, through the title adjustments page, but on the project that doesn’t show titles when I view multiple files, it seems like I can either have titles on every section (copyright page included) or not.

For now I have solved the problem by selecting compile as is for the front matter pages, but I’d rather not do this as (i believe) this enforces fonts and font size etc.

I appreciate any help anybody can offer.


Hi Lee,

First, the setting you are after to turn off titles in scrivenings is View > Editor > Show Titles in Scrivenings.

However, this has absolutely no effect on Compile. To determine whether titles are included or not during Compile, use the “Formatting” pane of Compile, which allows you turn titles on or off for different document types at different levels.

All the best,

Hi Keith,

Thanks for the quick response. Thanks for the titles tip. Even though I was on the wrong track, I do like to see those titles.

After some tinkering I’ve discovered what the problem was. In the other project I’ve been been relying on the Section Layout prefix “Chapter <$t>” to provide the entire title, and the title adjustments to exclude the front matter (and back matter for that matter). I’ve duplicated this in the project I was having trouble with and it is working perfectly.

Thanks again.

Glad you got it sorted!

All the best,