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The person that posted this needs to flush. —Moderator

Scrivener doesn’t say anything when saving. You probably refer to Project Backup which is an entirely different matter.

If you want help, you should give a little bit more information. For example: What version of Scrivener you use, where are you projects saved (on a local drive, network drive, are there any cloud services involved and so on)…

I’ve had some work go missing too. Scrivener is up to date, I’m using it on Windows 10.

I have autosave on and I save often. But some words just disappeared from my project-- text files that I know had some content are now empty.

Other things moved around-- for example, after I clicked “Add Text” and started a new index card, some text that had previously been on a different index card appeared on the new one. I didn’t hit Ctrl-V and there’s no way that text would have been in my copy buffer anyway. The index card text vanished from where it had originally been.

Another time, I started a new text file and instead of being blank, the new file already contained a piece of research from elsewhere in the binder-- the original research text file disappeared.

Needless to say, the program is worse than useless since it isn’t just screwing up, it’s actively destroying the work I previously put into it. I hope there’s a solution.

I just opened the same Scrivener project and this had happened to one of the text files. Naturally I didn’t format the text this way. It wasn’t like this last time I looked at it.

The question was, what version? A version number, please.

Autosave is a built-in feature of Scrivener that cannot be turned off. You write, you pause for a couple of seconds, Scrivener saves automatically.

So what actions, precisely are you taking to “save often”? Which keyboard shortcut, menu item, or other feature are you using to do this frequent saving? That may be a clue to us as to what happened.


It looks to me like all your information is there, but your formatting is screwed up. - Background, character font/style sheet issue.

Here’s what I’d do:

  1. In the blacked out text, do a Ctrl-A to select all and then Ctrl-c to copy it. then paste it into Notepad or whatever you use for TEXT editing, not a word processor, not even wordpad.

  2. If all your text is there, then create a new text item and paste the work into it, so you feel better as your work is basically recovered.

  3. Go back to the original and see if you can figure out what changed to screw up the formatting. Try a more common font. Keep plain Janeing your work until the text re-appears.

Version number: Version:

rdale: I save often by hitting Ctrl-S. I have this habit from using Notepad so it’s fairly automatic after I write a paragraph or two.

I save to the computer’s hard drive, nothing fancy, I don’t sync with any other devices.

steveshank: thank you for the formatting advice.

However the bigger problem is that this happened in the first place. My text spontaneously acquiring a black highlight seems like a very weird thing to happen. Coupled with the fact that some text moved around and some went missing, I can’t trust Scrivener anymore. I’m looking for alternatives now and mainly commented here to corroborate producer’s experience.

Do you edit the files with an outside editor? Like WordPad or something of a like?

No, after initially pasting some text from Google Docs into Scrivener, I was using Scrivener exclusively. I didn’t touch the files outside of Scrivener.

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In that case, you need to try flushing the cache.