Too many backups

Since upgrading, Scrivener is ignoring my setting for the number of backups to save. I’m still on 10.6.8 and wonder if that’s causing a problem. If so, can I migrate back to the last Scrivener version? I’m getting tired of having to delete all the extra backups.

Thanks, I can reproduce that as well on my 10.9 machine. It looks to be a universal bug. I tried a number of different backup settings to see if there was a specific combination that would avoid the problem, but they all have the same root issue: they aren’t being named with a number, so Scrivener doesn’t recognise them as being a part of a sequence.

Okay, at least it’s not one of my machine’s weirdities. Guess I’ll just cross my fingers and wait for a fix. Thanks.

While I wouldn’t suggest you buy a program to solve our problem, there is a great little Mac utility called Hazel that can help with all sorts of things like this. For example I have Hazel periodically clean my Downloads folder of old items. Given that it is useful for automating your Mac’s files in general, it might be worth a look since it would help you keep this folder clean in the meantime.

I can’t reproduce this at all, so it’s not a universal problem. Nothing was changed with automatic backups, either, so I can’t think what would cause this. The project you have open isn’t in the actual backups folder, is it?

To second that, by mistake I made the same error by combining the working folder and the backup folder, as I didn’t want to mess up my normal backup folder with tests. So my reproduction of the case was probably just stumbling into this failsafe, which is there, incidentally, to protect from cases where one might load a project directly out of the backup folder, instead of making a copy elsewhere, first.

I keep projects and backups in the same folder. Always have done. There was never a problem with it before. I suppose I could try separating them, but I have lot of working projects, so I’d rather avoid that, if possible. I’ll try it with one project and see what happens.

I created a backup folder and changed the location in Preferences. That did the trick, so something must have changed with the upgrade, even if it’s just some unsuspected interaction.

Anyway, problem solved. Much thanks.

Yes, there was a semi-recent change, as noted, because we had a problem with people loading backups out of the backup folder, looking for an old revision, and if you did that it would create a new backup when you closed it, rolling the oldest one off—meaning that the change they were actually looking for might have just been lost by merely looking at another. So now if you open a backup directly, the software will at least not blow away the stuff you could be desperately needing to find.