too many different versions. Compare all????

I’ve been traveling. That’s my only excuse.
I’ve been modifying a chapter in Simplenote AND on my laptop and have got everything all mixed up. So that some versions have “good” edits, but are otherwise “old”
and some new versions are lacking the “good” edits, but are otherwise okay.

Fortunately, what I usually do when I do a simplenote edit is I email it to myself. So that whether I do fail to download the edit or I don’t I still have all the various versions, sometimes even from minute to minute.

Can anybody suggest how I can review and incorporate good changes into one final version of the chapter? As far as I know, I can only compare TWO versions in Scrivener. I have probably four or even five versions.

My immediate plan is to open them all in Word or Pages and go over them, visually, line by line (including the version which is current in Scrivener).
Is there a better, more efficient way? Thanks. L.

You could compare up to two different revisions at once (and thus up to four copies) using both splits. Just select the snapshot you wish to compare and drop it into the editor header with Option held down, then select the other and do likewise for the other split. Might be worthwhile to set up a fifth version in a QuickReference panel to build the merge from.

  • So basically one document has snapshots for version 1 & 2 which you compare in split A
  • Second document has snapshots for 3 & 4 compared in split B
  • QuickReference panel has third document formed by copy & paste

It’s a little more work than simple rev 4 to 5 comparision if you’d been keeping up all along, but certainly less work than going through line by line in Microsoft Word.