Too many fonts.

Is there any way to reduce the number of fonts? I just need the basics.

At times, the drop down becomes unresponsive and I have to close out the whole program to change the font. I will never use a fraction of these and I think they are slowing my system down.


One way to do this might be a setting where you could “favorite” a subset of fonts, and have that subset be the only group shown.


Scrivener is just showing you the fonts that are installed on your PC. I don’t think there’s a way to filter them from Scrivener.

Press Windows key+S, then type ‘Font Settings’. These are all the fonts installed on your PC.

You could always delete/uninstall a few if it’s very annoying, although I’m don’t know how to reinstall them if you ever wanted them back.


I often find the Format ▸ Font ▸ Show Fonts panel to be more efficient than using the dropdown anyway. For one thing you can type in the name of the font you want in a more natural way (rather than just cycling through first-letter matches one by one), and since it isn’t previewing the font there are no rendering issues.

But otherwise no, it just pulls from the system font list like most other programs will. If you have too many fonts installed for what you need, you can always go in and do some spring cleaning.

Version: (1274647) 64-bit - 28 Apr 2021

I’d like to weigh in on this subject…

I have a similar issue, though for me it hasn’t risen to the level of more than an extremely minor annoyance. I wouldn’t even bother to say anything were the topic not already here…

I have the proverbial Sh*t-Ton (a technical term) of fonts installed on my system, that I use in other programs (drawing programs mostly) so “simply uninstalling them” isn’t really a practical idea (though it is a good one).

I have often wished there could be a way I could go “pre-select” some fonts to utilize in Scrivener that would be available in the various drop-downs and font dialogs, instead of the aforementioned “ton” of fonts that are there now.



You might be able to find a font manager application that would let you make fonts selectively available on a per app basis. Especially on Windows, there might be some small free open source utility that could perform this trick.

Hmm… never thought about that. Thank you for the idea.


If you don’t mind a slightly dated UI or running applications as admin, I have been using AMP Font Viewer for around a decade, including a few years on Windows 10. It allows for temporary installation of fonts.

I have taken to using Fontbase for just this. It is cross platform and free (and modern!) It has collections so you can make a Scrivener collection and load those fonts in one.