too many pages in paperback novel

My epub has about 490 pages set in Palatino 14pt, but when I compile the same manuscript as a paperback novel in 12pt, I keep coming up with 1000 pages or more. My line spacing is 1.2 and font is 12pt Palatino and borders about .75. Word count is about 170K. I watched the tutorial and feel sure I followed directions carefully. I’ve tried compiling ten times over the course of three days. Does anyone have a guess why my page count is more than double what I expect? Thanks so much for helping.

ePub files, and e-book publishing in general, do not use page numbers for counting length. Some readers will count screens, numbering them as pages, others use other forms of internal measurement. Additionally, off of a computer, most e-book readers do not support custom fonts or sizes either, but rather a hand-picked collection provided by the reader software, and chosen by the individual reading the book, often along with margin and line-height settings, too. So you really cannot compare this to any kind of paginated output. That is in fact why Amazon and Barnes & Noble have started embedding published page number markers into their respective formats. It makes it so you can refer to which paper page you are on from within the book, as there is otherwise no way of knowing that information (and of course that only works with one particular published edition).