Too many subdocuments for Outline or Scrivenings to display

I have notes numbering in the high four figures. One learns to define the parent documents as files rather than folders, so that Scrivener will display the single document rather than attempt a Scrivenings or Outliner or Corkboard view.

But when I’m in one of these multi-document views and happen to click on the prolific parent, my system sometimes goes through the agony of regeneration before putting up the file view. So I suggest we need some way to set a maximum number of subdocuments for which Scrivener will attempt a group view. And when we click on a parent document that is defined as a file rather than a folder, Scrivener should show that document as an individual file even if the selector is set to a group view, or require some sort of confirmation before displaying a group view of more than N items.

Thanks for considering.


Yeah, this is a known performance problem, but we have a good plan for how to tackle it. Instead of having some kind of inhibitor, what the software will let you do is click out at any time to cancel the assembly of a Scrivenings session. While it is building, there will be a progress bar to indicate that something is going on. This way you can seamlessly back out of a mistaken click.

Thanks, AmberV. Glad it’s on the agenda.