Too much to sync?

So … um … I might have crashed my Scrivener app and made it completely unusable.

I set up my Dropbox to sync with my Scrivener app, and everything was working perfectly. I opened one of my projects, easy peasy, no problem at all. Then I tried to open another one, and got told that it had been created with an older version of Scrivener and needed to be updated. No problemo, I thought, I’ve got Scrivener on my mac, I can just update the projects there and then I’ll be able to open them here. Right? Right.

Except, that’s when I got smart and decided to update ALL THE THINGS. And by “all the things” I mean over thirty projects …

So, everything is synced up on my Mac, everything is synced up in my Dropbox, and then I open the Scrivener app on my iPad, and ALL THE THINGS are syncing … and then I get flipped back to my homescreen.

I skimmed Troubleshooting Dropbox and Sync Issues, and it looks like if I get everything started syncing, and then deliberately go to my homescreen, the app will continue syncing in the background if I’m just patient enough? I hope that I’m reading that correctly …

I have to leave my office soon, so I’m going to try to sync up my app at home next. I’m hoping someone can either confirm that if I’m just patient enough, it will eventually sync up on my app, or maybe have a good suggestion for a workaround. I’m thinking that worst case scenario, I’ll just move some projects out of my Dropbox folder then add the in just a few at a time until I get the app all synced up. Or maybe worse-worst case scenario, I’ll just have to remove my Dropbox from the app, move some projects out of the Dropbox, and then add them in … or something.

Sync will not take place in the background. That would use too much power and bandwidth to be an acceptable case for background network usage (that capability is meant more for fetching small packets of information, like newsfeed headlines and e-mail headers, not downloading megabytes of writing material).

So yes you will need to keep the progress bar up on the screen. If for some reason the process does not complete the first time (it kind of sounds like you crashed at one point?), no worries, just start the software back up and tap the sync button to resume. With so many files to download, it may take a while, and you might even have to stop and resume a few times, but it should all eventually get on the device in a safe and coherent form.

By the way, it’s a bit late now (though I suppose you could start over), but we have some tips on large sync transfers of the sort you might do when first getting up to speed with the new platform: Dropbox Syncing with iOS. The basic idea is to skip the whole lengthy download process by putting the projects directly on your device to begin with with a high-speed USB cable. That’s most certainly how I would go about a large migration like this in the first place.

It was crashing every time i opened it. but this time i clicked the sync button and it’s working now! Thanks!

Okay, I was running into some crashing on load yesterday that seemed to be related to syncing. I resolved the problem on my device (so far it seems for good) by going into Settings in iOS, scrolling down to the Scrivener section, and then resetting the Dropbox sync cache from within the reset section of the Scrivener settings page. Note that you should restart Scrivener when using the reset toggles, if you just switch to Settings and then back it might not trigger.

Hope it continues to work without crashing though!