Tool Tip bug

I’m on the Export Draft dialogue. I click the Load (Template) button to bring up the list of available export templates. As I move the mouse pointer across the available templates various tool tips appear. However, they’re ones associated with the documents below. Not even the one directly below. Distracting and confusing.

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I cannot recreate this. Could you please explain in more detail as perhaps I do not understand what you mean?

Here’s a screenshot.

As I move the mouse the tool tip changes, always to a synopsis of one of the text files. I happened to select a template format in this screenshot, doubt if that’s significant.

BTW, when I went back to reload the Template Picker just now, it wouldn’t show itself again. Even after cancelling the export and then bringing back the Export Draft command. Because I took a screenshot with Snapz Pro X? Dunno.

Hope this helps.

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I’ve seen this before, and not just in Scrivener. OSX sometimes seems to think you’re still focussed on something in the background for the purposes of tooltips, and shows the background item accordingly.

A bit rubbish, to be sure, but certainly not Scrivener-specific.

Maybe that’s why I can’t reproduce it - perhaps it’s fixed in Leopard…

We can but dream.