Tool tips should show shortcut keys

Tool tips should show shortcut keys, if any, in addition to the name of the command.

Would make program easier to learn… and less mouse-centric.

(I imagine this would be fairly simple to implement.)

100% agree. I would always rather use keyboard combos than mouse clicks, and I love how many features have shortcut keys assigned to them by default. But I’m always forgetting them, and there’s currently a row of 8 sticky pads on my monitor with various reminders. Showing shortcuts as tooltips would be very nice indeed.

One of the problems with this (on Windows at least - I’m not sure on the Mac) is that the Tooltips are hardcoded text strings. To include the keyboard shortcut I’m pretty sure you would have to go through and manually add the keyboard shortcut to that text.

Which is all fine if the user has the default keyboard shortcuts, but the second they change one, you have misleading Tooltips. The solution would be to strip out all the existing Tooltip data, and stop using the functionality that is automatically provided by the programming framework in favour of one they build up themselves from scratch to dynamically pull in the strings. It’s possible, of course (Lee and Tiho ROCK), but I suspect quite a lot of work.