Toolbar button for "append selection to document..."

Would be great to have an optional toolbar button for “append selection to document…” Clicking it would give the same submenu options as the current contextual menu options.

:smiley: Even better, add a button that simply appends selection to last used target document. This let’s the user fly through source materials and quickly collect snippets in a target document.

(Would be great to have a bunch of optional buttons for other functions too!)


The second part of what you asked for is on the list - the most recent documents you appended stuff to will appear automatically in the “Append” list as favourites in a future version (although not the next update).

There are no plans for a toolbar icon, though - we simply aren’t able to provide a toolbar icon for every single command in the application, I’m afraid (and it’s against Apple’s UI guidelines to do so even if it were feasible). But surely in this case, the contextual menu is much quicker anyway? If you’ve selected the text, the mouse is right there, so it’s easier to Ctrl-click where you are than move the mouse up to the toolbar.

Thanks and all the best,