Toolbar customization after deleting old/installing new beta

Is there a setting I’m missing?

Every time I delete a beta and install a new one, my toolbar customization is lost. I’ve written out by hand a very nice and satisfying list of how I want the toolbars to appear, but why should I have to rearrange everything time after time after time following a new installation?

How are you doing the upgrade? By uninstalling and then downloading and installing? Or through the update feature?

From what I understand, if you uninstall completely then all settings are gone as well.

I can confirm. Use the upgrade method, toolbar and other settings are saved. If you uninstall and re-install toolbar settings are lost, as well as recent files. So are other settings, but those can be saved and restored.

There are registry settings, but I wouldn’t rely on them. I did my first in-place upgrade with beta 20 and it worked just fine. Before this, I’ve always uninstalled and then installed new in a new folder and had to redo my toolbar.

Some time ago (2903, which was really long ago), I wrote a few posts about backing up registry entries. The toolbars were, at one time, saved in the registry. At this point in time, I cannot find them there (doesn’t mean they’re not there, just that I can’t find them).

If you saved your Options as a preferences file, the toolbar settings may be in there (some of them are, at least).

Now, Beta 20 is the first time in 17 installs that I’ve used the in-place upgrade, and I did this mostly to see if it works. So far all is working well, which means they might have actually fixed the durned thing (reason I didn’t use it: Scriv acted screwy when I did).

As far as I can tell, the toolbar layout is not saved with exported options.

OP is definitely uninstalling old betas before installing new ones, and that’s why their toolbars are gone. Upgrading in-place retains settings.

Found the registry setting for the toolbar, if you want to make sure it’s retained between versions.

It’s at “Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\LiteratureAndLatte\Scrivener\ToolBar” and the key is “layout”.
If you export that key using regedit before an upgrade, you can import it after the upgrade (assuming the format doesn’t change. It hasn’t changed in years, and I don’t expect it to until v4, and maybe not then).

However, the in-place upgrade is relatively stable and hasn’t introduced any issues that I have experienced in terms of function.

Would this even still be relevant given that your article was from the future and we’ve all been cloned?

heh. Maybe. I mean, we’re in 29020 now, and still talking about it… :wink: