Toolbar Icons

I just installed the beta 9 this morning. And so far, there haven’t been too many issues.

  1. When I try to reset a few things to the entire project, things like line spacing and font size and paragraph indent using this process ----- Selected all files in Binder. then used File - Options - Editing- Formatting for changes, then applied with Document - convert - Text to Default — only the line spacing and font size changed. The paragraph indent did not. But I am able to change each indent manually in scrivener mode.

Did I do something wrong?

(Also, as a sidenote, in the popup box Convert Formatting in the last step of the process I described above, the word “undone” is missing. Is says, “This action cannot be” and just leaves you hanging. LOL.)

  1. I have searched for a way to increase the size of the icons in the main toolbar. They are just too small and my mouse fumbles around trying to find the right place to click. They are nice. Better than the older version, but too small.

Have I overlooked an option for adjustment?

Otherwise, I like it! Thanks for the updates.

Carla H

It add a little more detail to issue #1, The files I had created with had no text DID move the paragraph indent on the format bar. But any file that had text in it, the indent did not update when I tried to convert.