Toolbar inconsistency Beta 1.5

I’m running the Beta 1.5 on two computers: a Win Vista laptop and a Win 7 netbook. So far no major problems, and the Import function works fine.

I’m puzzled by the fact that the editor presents differently in the two computers. On my laptop I have a formatting toolbar above the < > arrows where the scene title appears, and a margin-tab ruler below those arrows. I find this perfect for setting the format for the documents I’m working on.

On the netbook, however, I have no toolbar. I don’t know what I did to make it appear on the laptop or disappear on the netbook. The menus all appear to be identical.

I want the same toolbar above text on my netbook that I have on my laptop. Since I don’t have it, I keep trying to change the format of my document by going to Edit > Options > Editor, but the changes I make there do not stick to the document.

Bottom line: I can work in the format I want on one computer but not on the other, although I’m running the same Beta on each and even working on the same imported .rtf file.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks much.

This is an option you can enable. On fresh installs, this preference goes back to default of not showing it. To get it to show go to View -> Layout -> Show Format Bar. The keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+Shft+R. The process is the same for the ruler and that short cut is Ctrl+R.

Thanks very much, spitfire! (And in future I’ll remember to explore all menu possibilities.)

Not sure how I managed to enable the toolbar on one computer and not on the other, given that I installed the new beta at the same time on both, but the problem has been solved.