Toolbar Menu option Text Color missing


Toolbar Menu option Format > Text Color has vanished in RC9.

In it’s place is the impostor Format > Color

Right-click Menu option Format > Text Color does still exist.

ETA: Also, Toolbar Menu vs. Right-click Menu options for highlighting are named differently, and seem to do slightly different things.


The menus are adjusted so that all menu names and their behavior are compliant with Scrivener for Mac. If there is a difference compared to Mac, please let us know.

Thanks Tiho.

I cannot confirm conformance with Mac, as I have no Mac.

As noted in my OP, in RC9, the Toolbar menu now differs from the Right-click menu. Is this non-conformance within Windows Scriv by design?


A follow-up question to my previous post.

As the Toolbar Menu option Format > Color > Remove Color has been removed from the beta with RC9, will you still keep Remove Color available from the right-click menu?

Yes the right-click options will remain the way they are. We follow Mac here too.