Toolbar not displaying correctly

First, thank you very much for this app. I only downloaded it this week, but have been using it to pen one of my essays and have found it really valuable. I’m sure there are more depths of its features to plumb though!

However, I have been having a problem with the toolbar. On launch sometimes (I’ve yet to work out exactly why/when), some of the buttons aren’t displayed, the close, minimise, zoom buttorns are missing, and so is the title. It looks like this:

[edit: image removed]

Does anyone know why this might be happening, or what I could do about it?

Anyway, I really like Scrivener and am finding it really useful for my work. If anyone could help me overcome this it would make it even better!



Hi Walafrid,

I’ve seen this on occasions myself. Actually, it is not a Scrivener bug, but an OS X bug. I admit that I have seen it in Scrivener more often than in other apps, but I assumed that was because I spend nearly all my time in Scrivener, what with developing it and all. :slight_smile: Anyway, I have seen screenshots of exactly the same thing happening to Mail. The bug seems to be with the unified toolbar in general. I have reported it to Apple, and it seems to be something of which they are aware.

Out of interest, you can see another bug with Apple’s unified toolbar - try hitting the “hide toolbar” button to hide it, and then reveal it again. You will see that the dividing line below the toolbar is suddenly nearly black rather than a mid-grey. Making the window smaller and then bigger again will cause part of the line to be redrawn properly. This is all related, as I believe.

Anyway, until Apple fix it, you can just hide the toolbar and show it again to force the toolbar to redraw properly.

All the best,

Hi Keith,

Thank you very much for your reply (and its swiftness!). It’s reassuring to know it’s not a problem with my particuar installation, and thanks for the hint for a quick way to get over the problem.

Cheers again for a really useful app!