Toolbar on horizontal ipod touch?

When I rotate the screen sideways on my ipod touch 7, the toolbar above the keyboard disappears. I know the screen on my device is tiny, and I know this would leave hardly no space to see anything, but I’d rather have my toolbars with all my custom buttons. Is there some way I can make this happen? I tried turning off the predictive bar, but that didn’t make the toolbar part appear. Or does the bar only show on horizontal ipads? By which I mean even if I had say an iphone with a larger screen, would the toolbar still vanish when the device is horizontal?

The toolbar does appear in vertical mode, but it’s annoying to need to switch to use it (breaks the flow or train of thought, one could say). I can’t do any real typing with the device vertical, it makes my hands hurt. So just keeping it vertical isn’t an option.