toolbar problems-icons & drag and drop

Hi, I am using scrivener v.2.2 on Lion and I notice parts of the icons of buttons on my toolbar are invisible, and it is not possible to costumize the toolbar–dragging and dropping does not seem to work. any fixes around? thanks!

To customise any toolbar on OS X, you go to View > Customize Toolbar… This is the same in Scrivener. Does that help, or do you mean that this is not working for you?
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hi–this is not what I mean. the drag and drop after clicking ‘costumize’ actually does work, but the icons of some of the individual buttons are not visible… see screen shot here: … 9%20AM.png

I think if I were having that problem I’d just delete the Scrivener application and reinstall it, but the experts might have another solution.

Cheers, Martin.

thanks, I’ll give it a go!

will let you know!


Yes, that indicates that the images are missing from the application bundle itself, and thus a corrupted install. Trashing Scrivener and re-installing should almost certainly fix it.