Toolbar spelling icon doesn't seem to work

Customized my toolbar today.
Love the options and ability to do this in Scrivener. (Using beta 2).

Added the spelling icon to my feature set and then tried it out.
It doesn’t seem to be linked to anything as it didn’t do anything.
Tried it by selecting and then not selecting text and then clicking on the icon and nothing happened each way.

If I choose the spelling options under the edit menu it works just fine and launches whatever spelling option I choose.

Unless I’m using it wrong the icon doesn’t seem to be linked to the spell check.

Hi TR,

The spelling icon doesn’t bring up the spell-checker but in fact just toggles spell-as-you-type on and off.

I agree that this behaviour doesn’t seem that intuitive, but I had thought that this spelling icon was used in other Mac (even Apple) apps for exactly this same behaviour, and I wanted to remain consistent with them (having the same icon act differently in different apps is a big no-no). That said, I’m now having problems finding the other apps that have this icon… If they are non-Apple apps, then I could change the behaviour. If this behaviour was set by Apple applications, then I best follow along. I will have another look and get back to you. :slight_smile:


Like you, I could have sworn this was a much more common toolbar icon, but am having difficulties finding examples. The behaviour I’ve always seen is that it brings up the actual “Check Spelling” dialogue box. The only example of an icon that I could find (MacJournal), does indeed do this.

Yes, but that is a different icon. I know for sure that when I first implemented this, the apps I looked at had the same behaviour as Scrivener. I know because I actually took the icon from an Apple app that had this behaviour… But now I can’t find it. I think the spelling panel behaviour would be better, so I think I might change it anyway.

Thanks for considering this. I also thought it seemed more intuitive that the spelling panel would pop up when this icon was selected in the toolbar.


Fantastic update Keith! Where do you get the time to do it all between answering all these posts? (and sleeping and eating - you do eat and sleep, don’t you?)

I’d like to support any intention to make the spelling toolbar button actually check the spelling.

I did just what TR did, trying to get it to work in the way I expected :confused:. I guess I was misled by the cursor-over ‘help text’ which says just “spelling” rather than “toggle spelling” or something like that. I was also frustrated not to find anything in the tutorial relating to spelling (although I know it isn’t a help doc).

I have encountered the toggle button on only one other application (since 1992), but it wasn’t the only spelling button; its presence was an optional preference in addition to the default actual ‘spell-checker’ button.

Certainly my expectation is that when you click a spelling button a little panel appears giving you options for the next and, if you chose, subsequent mis-spelled words. And talking about expectations, it is a shame that the toggle-on does not identify existing mis-spellings; but I appreciate what you have already said about that elsewhere.

Regards, Leigh

Using: iBookG4, OS10.4.7, 3.9Mb project

Hi Leigh,

Like I say, this is fixed for beta 3, which will be anothe week or two.