Toolbar truncated when using full screen mode

OK, I ran into this in Scrivener 2 as well, so the answer may be “It’s not broken,” or “We can’t fix it,” or even “It’s just you, Dragon. Deal with it.” :slight_smile: But when I use full screen mode, more often than not I’ll end up with the bottom of the toolbar cut off as in the screenshot below. This seems to happen when I have “Always auto-hide toolbar in full screen mode” checked. The truncation persists when I exit full screen, and the only way to restore the full toolbar is to close and re-open the project.

So—is it a bug? Is there something I’m missing? Is it just me?

Ouch! Well, that’s definitely a bug, but as far as I can see, it must be a macOS bug. All Scrivener does is tell macOS that it should show the toolbar as a slide-down in full screen mode. It’s a simple on/off thing. Apple’s code handles everything else, and there is no control over it, so it has to be an Apple bug. Sorry!

Thanks for the prompt reply! :smiley: Answer=“We can’t fix it.” At least, now I know!