Toolbar "View mode" icon/text only NanoWriMo Preview

This V2.0 is a wonder. “View Mode” is an awsome shortcut !! (EDIT : i mean doc/Corkboard/outliner Icon)

But : i most often use “text only” toolbar on my MacBook Small Screen.

When i toggle text only, all icons go to text only. Fine…
but “view mode” gets one icon only, for Three functions. Too bad but well…

When i hit view mode, it expands all the toolbar, in icon view. And never gets back.
So i have to right click, “text only” again.

Did i miss something ?

Thank you again so much for the job.


Someone else brought this to my attention, too - this was an omission. I’ve just added a menu for text-only mode for the release version:

Thanks for pointing it out!

All the best,