Tools for translators and subtitling

Hi there, I am a translator in Brazil and have been using the trial for Scrivener and, first things first, must say that I am quite impressed with it! Thank you for making this fantastic tool for such a great price. I am sure to purchase it as soon as my trial expires. I would buy it now, but I am somewhat short on money nowadays so these few more days will make a difference. Please don’t hate me for it!

Now, to what matters.

As a translator, I use Scrivener to look at the original PDF on a split screen while translating beneath it. That works like a charm. I also use the Research folder to store links and other materials that I consult often. There are two features that would make a difference, and I don’t know if Scrivener already offers it or not:
1. Automatic scrolling of the text above as I write below using typewriter scrolling. With that, I would save precious time. Of course, this would vary according to the zoom I’m using, but maybe there could be a way of configuring this manually?
2. Being able to use “scrolling links” (don’t know the real name for this) on webpages uploaded to the Research folder. For example, I am currently working on a book about recipes for jewish celebrations. I have the Wikipedia page for those celebrations on my Research folder, but since there are a lot of celebrations, there is a list of links on the beginning of the wikipedia article so that I can click on one and go directly to that segment. However, on Scrivener, clicking on that takes me to Safari. If I could use that feature in Scrivener, it would also be a time-saver.

Besides that, I had some classes on Subtitling during my Translation post grad and used scrivener for the exercises. It seems Scrivener is perfect for working on the translation for movies. You can have the movie rolling on a floating QuickRef panel, the script or dialogue list on a split screen and work on the other split screen. What would help for this kind of work would be:
3. Being able to work with the split screen on Compose mode, so that there would be more space for the movie on QuickRef
4. COUNTER FOR CHARACTERS ON THAT LINE: This is really important, and it seems there is no way to add that to the counter already present below the screen on Scrivener. In Word, you can add a counter called “column” which counts all characters (with spaces) on that line (and that line only) from the blinking cursor and backwards. This is essential for subtitling because you have a maximum number of characters you should use per line, and having to select the line every time to use the counter in Scrivener takes too much time when you are talking about a whole movie.

Well, those are my suggestions. I’m sorry for the length and hope it doesn’t become a Too Long, Didn’t Read topic.

Once again, thank you for your great software. This is truly the best software for writing available!