Tools Menu

There is no "TOOLS " menu on the main tool bar. using latest version. Version: (1274136) 64-bit - 28 Apr 2021.
No Scrivener icon either.
Please help

Hello @LesRen! Welcome to the forum!

This sounds very strange. It seems that the .exe file has been damaged. Some users reported problems when downloading and installing Scrivener while their anti-virus was running. If you have an AV running you might want to try to disable it while downloading and installing and also while running it. On my own system I am running just the Windows on-board tools (Defender) and I did not encounter any such problems. But with other AV software there was some trouble here and there.

What do you mean ‘no tools’?

Do you have the toolbar set to show via the ‘View’ setting?

Are you looking for the old “Tools” menu that was in the previous version of Scrivener? If so that has been removed, and the commands within it have been moved elsewhere. Most of them are in the File menu now, such as Options. If you’re looking for something in particular you can search for it by name in the new Help menu search bar.

Thank you Amber. I thought it may be something like this. I will search further.

And the neat feature Lee and Tiho added when you search it shows the actual location of the command. Built into MacOS but the first time I’ve seen it implemented in Win. Not exactly the same as on Mac but damned good all the same.