Tools > Spelling text vanishes if...

Text in the subwindows within the Tools > Spelling dialog box disappear if click anywhere outside the dialog box.

Scrivener on Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit.


You can click the “Resume” button to return to spell checking, similar to how this works in MS Word.

Um, yes, sort of…

If I clicked elsewhere in Scrivener,
Spelling dialog text subwindows are empty
and clicking Resume will bring text back.

If I clicked elsewhere outside Scrivener,
Spelling dialog text subwindows are empty
AND entire Spelling dialog is ghosted out
and I first have to click anywhere else in Scrivener
other than the Spelling dialog itself
before Resume is available (not ghosted)
to be clicked.

Not a big deal, but thought I would mention it.


Okay, I see what you mean–there’s a difference when clicking outside of Scrivener, and I was just looking at clicking into the editor, for instance, to make some edits and then clicking back into the spell check dialog to resume the check. I’ve made a note of it.