Tooltip Bug?

I cant reproduce this every single time but these are long title strings that get copied because I drag a paragraph or two into a new section.
Picture 2.png


What you are seeing there are two different things entirely (though you wouldn’t think it). The top yellow box is a fly-out tooltip, which shows you the full title of the document. Fly-outs such as this appear when not all of the title can be displayed in the binder and you place the mouse over it. The second tooltip is the “real” tooltip, which shows you the synopsis of the document.

So, they are completely different things: one is the fly-out showing the full title; the other is the actual tooltip showing the synopsis. The natural question that follows, then, is why, oh why, do they look EXACTLY THE SAME? The answer: Apple!!! Those fly-out style tooltips were added in Leopard. In pretty much all Leopard builds up to the release (I hope I am not breaking any NDAs here) they were white, so they were visually different from the yellow tooltips, which have a different function. Then, at the last minute - and I have no idea why - Apple changed them to yellow, so that they are now utterly indistinguishable from tooltips. Go figure.

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