Tooltips on Images

If I import an image (latex equation) from KLatexFormula - it appears perfectly…
It even shows the latex code in a tooltip.


  1. The tooltip is not saved between sessions
  2. Can we access/edit the tooltip???
  3. Can we compile to a .tex file directly (text compile) skipping mmd and have the image’s tooltip (latex code in the tooltip) passed through
  4. Or is there someway to add metadata to the image so that this gets passed through to the .tex file???

Do you see image tooltips when you use the usual Insert > Image from File…?
How do you import your formula images? In my tests I could not import an image which shows a tooltip in Scrivener, but probably I am using a different route from you.

I’m dragging the image from KLatexFormula - the tooltip appears with the latex code used to generate the image.

The ‘image’ being dragged across is actually a PDF file which contains the rendered equation.

Looking inside the PDF file (if saved to HDD) you can see the latex code used to generate the image. So Scrivener must be rendering the PDF to get the image and also extracting the ‘Title’ as a tooltip.