Top bar does not match theme


The top bar of my Scrivener 3 remains the same light grey no matter what theme I switch to.

Any way to fix it? I love the new themes, but the sharp contrast between dark and light really hurts my eyes and takes away from the lovely aesthetic

That bar is provided by the Window Manager and usually pulls its color from whatever your Windows desktop theme is.

For example, on my current configuration, it is a dark blue with white text when the Scrivener window is active, and white with grey text when another window is active.

Check your Windows theme options; you might be able to mitigate your choices immediately.

Oh thank you!! That did fix it! So many Windows programs do it automatically that I didn’t even realize I could fix it in my windows settings…

Consider it resolved : ) I appreciate the speedy and helpful reply!

Happy to be of service! :slight_smile: